The school offers the service of mid-morning sandwiches to all the students in Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form. The mid-morning sandwich can be cold or hot every day and there is also the possibility of a healthy snack which includes a yoghourt and a piece of seasonal fruit.

*Gluten free bread is available.

Sandwiches will be given to the students at the beginning of the break.

Purchasing of tickets:

  • Primary: Tickets will be sold between 9:00 and 09:30 by the main entrance gate for the children.
  • Secondary and Sixth Form: Tickets will be sold between 8:00 and 09:00 at the concierge desk.

In any case, tickets can be purchased for several days. The school highly recomends this option to avoid long queues in the morning at the gates. Tickets can be used both in Primary and Secondary, regardless of the place of adquisition. Tickets do not have an expiry date.

When using the ticket, it is necessary to tick the box containing your option (hot, cold, fruit and yoghourt). If your option is gluten free, please make sure it is marked correctly.

The ticket will be divided into two and you will place the left side in the box at the entrance gate in Primary or at the concierge desk in Secondary before 09:30. The right side of the ticket needs to be given in by the students at break time so they can collect their sandwiches.

Mid-morning sandwiches 2018/2019: