The school offers a canteen service for our students in Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form. This service runs from October to May. During the months of September and June the service will be open for students in Preschool and Primary levels.

The canteen has its own kitchen and a chef, which means that all menus are cooked there. Menus respect all food allergies. It is necessary to hand in a medical justification in case you need a special menu.

Secondary and Sixth Form students can choose between the daily menu or a combo-plate from October to May.

Different payment methods:

a) Monthly payment by direct debit.

This way, the daily menu costs is of 6,20€ per day. (The total amount of eating days are 147, therefore the monthly amount will be of 113, 93€)

To be able to pay this price, it is necessary to eat in the canteen a minimum of 3 days per week.

If you wish to cancel a day of canteen lunch, you’ll have to communicate to the Administration office before 9:30 of the day in question. That way it will be discounted from the total amount of that monthly payment.

When students go on a school day trip they will be provided with a packed lunch. If they wish to cancel it, they need to let the Administration office know by 9:30 on the day before the school trip.  

If you want to subscribe to the monthly payment option, you need to fill in the application form and hand it in to the Administration offices in C/ Madrid: Preschool / Primary         Secondary / Sixth Form

b) Daily ticket

With this option, tickets will be paid on a daily basis and they will cost 6,50€/ per day.

Tickets can be purchased at:

  • The Administration offices in C/Madrid, 7 in business hours
  • Primary school C/Dr. Daniel Duran between 8:55 and 09:30

Tickets will be handed in before 9:30 in:

  • The Administration offices C/ Madrid for Secondary and Sixth Form students
  • Primary and Secondary students will hand them in in the box at the entrance in the Preschool area





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