Scholarships of the Catholic University of Valencia for students of Diocesan Schools

For students of our school two scholarships of 50% of the cost are offered, one for the branch of sciences and another for the one of letters.

The scholarships are for students who are going to study the 1st GRADE in the 2017/2018 academic year.

The application date is from June 19 to July 21, 2017

Minimum requirements to apply for the scholarship:


  • That the student is enrolled in any of the degrees of the UCV.
  • That the student has a minimum grade in base 10, of access to the University of::
    • 8.0 for Medicine
    • 7.5 for Dentistry, Veterinary and Physiotherapy
    • 7.0 for Marine Sciences, Nutrition and Dietetics, Nursing, Biotechnology and Podiatry
    • 6.5 for the rest of the qualifications
    • Economic:
      • Maximum income per capita, 10,000.00 Euros (approximately)

What does it consist of?

  • Collaboration grants are work carried out in various services of the University in exchange for a 50% reduction in cost.
  • The total number of hours that the student must complete during the course is 320. In order to distribute these hours without affecting the good academic functioning of the student, his schedule is considered in the distribution.
  • The student will join the assigned department starting in November.
  • This scholarship is incompatible with any other UCV discount.

Students who are interested should go through the school and talk to the head of studies or subdirector.